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August 24, 2010

22 hours left on American soil.

First off, I want to apologize to anyone who stumbled across my blog address and thought this was a porn site. I finished all the layouts and showed my husband, and he pointed and laughed at the name. Damn it!

Anyway, I should be in bed. I promised myself I would wake up super early tomorrow so I would be utterly exhausted by the time I got on the plane. Tomorrow is today and I’m still awake. Crap. I have said all my goodbyes to my friends and most of my family, and no tears were shed. Good. I still have to deal with the double punch of saying goodbye to my mom and grandpa, which leaves me with a hole in my heart. Maybe tomorrow-uh, I mean today-I will be in so much shock that I will be able to just say, “peace out!” It was easy with everyone else. Just a hug and a “I’ll miss you!” My stepdad and my sister are taking us to the airport, and we are not a mushy huggy-kissy bunch. Good. It sucks to hand over your passport to a customs agent while bawling your eyes out.

I’ve been setting up things like it’s my last day on Earth. What’s my last meal going to be? They don’t have A&W in Australia, I need to make a root beer float! Have I tied up all loose ends? The nearest Starbucks is fourteen hours away to where I will be living so I want one last caramel macchiato before I head out. I need to get that as soon as I wake up since I am terrified to fly. TERRRIFIED. With all the insane anxiety I carry with me while looking at basic things like driving under an overpass, being on a massive airplane that I’m not in control of for fourteen hours over water is pretty much giving me a coronary. Thank Jeebus my doctor prescribed me some Xanax for the trip. I plan on taking about twelve. (No, not really)

Not only for this blog, but for a new look on life, I am vowing to take my camera with me everywhere I go in Australia. Who knows what I will see and discover! Plus I have the memory of a fish, so I will probably forget about something I saw before I have a chance to write it down. P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney. Just keep swimming! Well, I have to make an attempt to go to bed. By going to bed I mean laying in a dark room and fretting over flying and moving and saying my goodbyes and eating what may be the best food ever (America=greasy, awesome food that makes you fat). At least on this flight I won’t be going alone like all my previous ones. Good.

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  1. I'm so excited for you. I know its horrible to say good-bye but as soon as you get through that you get to say hello. And you are such an outgoing little chiquita I think you'll make friends where ever you go. What an amazing thing! My Hed is headed out. Find a great place with a spare room because Auntie is coming to visit next year! And before that will send emergency starbucks--do you have a bean grinder? and your new quilt. Take pix, write lots, love, love, love, travel safe!