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August 29, 2010

Geckos. No longer a cute British lizard.

So I’m at my computer last night and right behind me I hear this bird screech less than five feet (oh crap I don’t know the Australian equivalent of “feet” yet) from me. I bolt from my chair and yell to J that there is a bird inside the house! He opens up the curtains and there is nothing there. I tell him, “I swear to God there was a bird like, RIGHT THERE!” He walks back downstairs and I sit down, looking behind my shoulder every few seconds for an invisible killer bird.

A few hours later at dinner, my husband’s dad muses, “that noise you heard earlier, was it like a ‘tick tick tick tick tick’?”, and I’m like, “YES!!! OH MY GOD THAT WAS IT!” He very casually tells me, “ah, that wasn’t a bird, that was a gecko. It probably was in the house then”. A…gecko made that noise? A…reptile? And it’s…IN THE HOUSE!?!?! I’m trying not to freak out, so I imagine this dude casually strolling up onto my desk saying something along the lines of, “I can save you a bunch of money on your car insurance, mate”.


[Sidenote-HOLY SHIT AS I WRITE ONE IS IN THE ROOM MAKING THAT NOISE! BRB!!! Damn it, now I can’t write. There is a thing that sounds like pure evil hidden somewhere in this room and with the anxiety that comes with me being me and living in the deadliest-animals-in-the-world capital, I am freaking out. I ran downstairs and begged my husband to come upstairs so I can finish this blog. Okay, commencing.]

Anyway, that smooth cockney accent is definitely NOT the noise coming out of some animal of death. This is what a real Gecko looks and sounds like (P.S. Props to me for making the following video!):

And this morning, I awoke to the devil’s siren sound again next to the bedroom window and it made me bolt out of bed (hmmm…maybe I’m onto the invention of a lifetime! An alarm clock pet that ejects you out of bed!). Mind you, we live in practically a jungle, so some baby lizard should be the least of my worries. Mosquitoes must love pale American flesh, because I have eight bites over the course of just one day. Since Australia seems to shut down on Sundays, we had to go to three different convenience stores to see if they carried some sort of Benadryl. They didn’t. I’m going to get malaria and be confined to bed and be surrounded by geckos. Crap.


  1. bah hahahah omg ur friggin hilarious hed!!!! hahah that is waaaay cute, and omg if i saw/heard a gecko i would freak out aswell.... srsly.... dude, they sound like the friggin 'predator' omg! haha i've actually never seen/heard one b4, but i have seen a massivly huge dragon/lizard thingy b4, i can't remember what it was, but it was in my aunties swimming pool one day and i cried.... i was like 5 ok? hahahah but <3'n this blog, will stayed tuned ^_^

  2. I love lizards. I'm always taking pics of them :) Now show me a roach and I'll turn into a child and RUN!

  3. Geckos? Nah they're cute (they're all white when I see them, no stripes etc). It's the redback spiders you need to be wary of... And this isn't some drop bear tale we try to scare the silly tourists with. I thought I'd save this one until after you arrived muhahaha ;)

    Someone even wrote a song about it... hehe

  4. We have them here in the house. We have one that lives in the fake plants, I think he thinks its a real plant or something. I caught him hanging out on the chair today. Um.. strange, but if I see him drinking my beer, then we will have other issues. ha!! They are very loud!