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August 31, 2010

Picky, picky.

There’s a really funny old ass Sinbad stand-up comedy show where he’s talking about pay diets and says, “you know why you lose weight on those programs? ‘Cause you broke! You done spent all your money on the program! Friends bein’ like, ‘man, you look good!’ I WANNA EAT!!!” (It’s hilarious, go watch it here) That’s how I feel at the moment about Australia.
Beggars can’t be choosers, and well, we are pretty much dirt poor at the moment. What we have is what we have. And I’m a big girl (of course I am, I’m American, right?), so three square meals in America for me equal about fourteen Australian ones. And I’m trying, I really am. I’m trying to set a nice routine where I wake up, have a nice bowl of cereal and some coffee (have to also get used to the non-sugary unflavoured black coffee here-I would kill for a Starbucks macchiato), have a small lunch, and a balanced dinner.
In the States, there’s so much variety that I completely understand why we are all fat asses. Do we want Mexican today? Hamburgers? Chinese? Would you like to upsize that for 99 cents? How about two apple pies for a dollar? Yes please! Here, I swear to God, the choices are meat pie, sausage roll, or sandwich. The end. I was born picky (my mom would have to smuggle in food for me when we went out to eat when I was a kid), so I only like about twelve different kinds of food. I could eat french dips, patty melts and chicken fingers every day until I die and be happy. With french fries a side salad and a milkshake, of course. I’m so used to living alone, on MY terms, with MY food, that even going to my mom’s house for dinner was a feat. I like what I like. So being under someone else’s roof and eating what I am given is unnerving.
Please don’t get me wrong, I am eternally grateful that my husband and I are given a chance to get back on our feet and start over (hi mum I love you!). I just feel extremely stifled at the food choices. This is totally the fat girl in me talking, by the way. I know in my heart that eating a sandwich, an apple, and vegetables for dinner is the right thing to do. But my stomach thinks otherwise! And everything is slightly different. The ketchup and mayo is a little thinner, the cheese is a little whiter, the coffee a little stronger. I miss Panda. I miss Chick-fil-a. I miss roast beef sandwiches! For the past ten years food has been my only source of comfort, and now I am forced to not be on a crack binge like I have been recently. I’m doing okay, but the excessive person inside of me wants to go to McDonalds and order ten Big Macs.
I will end my blog with something positive because I was able to bitch and vent today. The entire experience, the goals if you will, of coming here was to open my eyes and really do something great with my (our) life. My family all had a big laugh when I was in America whingeing about the lack of food choices here, and they all told me, “lack of food choice is a GOOD thing!” I’ve always wanted to cook. Really cook. To have the opportunity to actually add healthy food to my palate is fantastic! Now someone just tell my stomach that!!!


  1. I have noticed that if we don't listen to the universe/internal voice/god/you choose, the choice gets made for us that will help us most if we pay attention. This is the universe kicking you down the stairs and saying pay attention! Let me know when you are ready and I'll send you a brit cookbook--metric conversions will make cooking interesting, who knows, you might turn out to be a stellar cook! I'm like you though, food is comfort so I get how hard this is but I'm envious nonetheless.

  2. well it'll taka ya about a few weeks but once u get all the junk outta ur system u'll b fine =) same thing happens to me when i go to poland =) it jus takes a little and u'll adjust just fine besides if there is anything u r in dyer need of i can always mail it to u=) lolol i always had to take my hershey's chocolate milk and sum hershey's chocolate wit me when i went to poland haha <3 u MUCHO!!!!!!!!
    <3 meeh

  3. Hey,

    1) Congrats on your move down under and for surviving the plane journey- I choose to self medicate with alcohol!
    2) Many thanks for your interest in my silly little blog! I really appreciate your comments. I highly recommend Melbourne for decent coffee (you will not look at Starbucks in the same way again!) and the biggest range of food choices I have ever seen in my entire life. Yum, yum, yum!

    I can relate to both your blogs all too well and I look forward to reading more!

    Take care,

    FF xo