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September 29, 2010

6am and Wacky Weather.

This is a mini-post, as I am still on the bandwagon for the 30 Days of Truth challenge. Since the failed Townsville day trip last Sunday, I have just been completely off-kilter. I’m eating once a day, sleeping heavier than I ever have, and have a horrible brain fog. Monday I woke up around 9pm, and I couldn’t even tell you when I had gone to sleep that day. The last three days are a blur of sleep and grogginess. Tuesday morning (yesterday) I tried to get a small jolt of sleep in the middle of the night so I could stay awake the rest of the day, but I guess my body has this weird notion that twelve hours of sleep is plenty. Psssh.

So, I did what I always do when I can’t sleep: I fidoodled around on my computer. Did my blogs, played The Sims 3, read my Facebook and e-mails, all with the feeling of being in a dream state. It’s really odd how I have been feeling. I decided to chalk it up to too much sleep and not enough food. By 5:30am or so, I was hungry and bored and not sleepy, so I looked outside and saw it was just starting to get light out. A really random idea popped into my head: why not talk a walk? A walk! Oh my gosh, yes! I’m going to take a WALK!

Now, you may be saying to yourself, “uh, Hed? It’s…a walk. No biggie”. No biggie? It’s a hugeie! (That looks like it would be pronounced “huggy”, but I meant “huge-E”. Get it?) I usually don’t walk unless I have to. Seriously. Exercise is foreign to me. But I thought it would get me out of my sleepy funk and get some blood pumping into my ol’ system. I grabbed my walking shoes (worn once!), my hubby’s IPod, my camera, and set out on my walkin’ journey.

30 Seconds to Mars “This is War” is a good walking album! I lip-synched every song (I couldn’t actually sing along-I’m fat! I was using all my breathing for walking!) and chose to walk around the little triangle block, the only block I’m familiar with. The walk…lasted five minutes (I never realized how small the damn block was). I had an urge to keep going, but with no cell phone or sense of direction, I was afraid I’d end up lost and screwed. I ended up just walking around and taking pictures for fifteen more minutes.

 See the sunrise? PROOF that I was out and walking!

 No, really! This was at the end of the block!

 This kind of looks like the “Paramount” movie logo.

 I waited for like five minutes for a cute parrot to get into the shot!

I took the opportunity to get a picture of the secret frogs on our property. There are these little bright green frogs that live in the grating of the steps of the little camper near our garage. You can’t see them without a torch (flashlight), so I stuck my camera in a hole and snapped this (poor little frog is probably blind now from the flash!):

And that was my morning. By the time I got back the family was awake, and I had a cuppa (“cuppa” is the standard name for a cup of tea or coffee. Pretty much all Australian lingo is a shortened or cutesy version of a real word) with mum and an apple. My husband went to his third doctor’s appointment in three weeks today as well. He has been coughing so bad he throws up, and even with two rounds of antibiotics and countless cough medicines it hasn’t seemed to get any better. He finally called the doc on the other side of town for a second opinion. The doctor heard his cough, checked his lungs and confirmed his suspicion of Whooping Cough. Poor boo. They stuck Q-tips up his nose for a sample to send to the lab for a true diagnosis and send J home with new antibiotics, a nasal spray and an inhaler. Oh, and the doctor’s visit took about fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes! Apparently the cough takes a full 8-12 weeks to run its course, so I’m hoping the meds may speed it up a bit. And I’m fine. I have the worst immune system on the planet and I haven’t caught it (I told J it was the US vaccinations then I went “USA! USA! USA!”).

After J picked up his prescriptions, he got Red Rooster for us. Red Rooster. *drool*. I got fish and chips. YUM! I started getting really drowsy around 2pm (it seems like every time I eat lately, I either start feeling sick or sleepy), and went to lay down for a nap. J walks in to our bedroom and tells me, “there’s a storm comin’”. I tell him no way, that I walked this morning and it was cloudy but bright out. I poke my head out the window and it looks ominous and really windy. No more than five minutes later the sky opened up. I shot out of bed and was like, “WTF IS THAT!?!?!?!” and J says, “see? Storm!” We go downstairs and mum is corralling the dogs and their beds into the house and it looks like Hurricane Dingo just touched down (hee hee, I made that name up). I’ve never seen anything like it. I’m pretty sure it would be classified as a “monsoon”. I grabbed my camera and took a video of it. Pardon my, like, California accent in this, by the way!

It ended within twenty minutes. I was so drowsy I finally fell asleep…only to be awoken by my husband coming home-at midnight. Damn.


  1. We too had rain like that yesterday but it last all day. On and off. From drizzle to sky opened up. It does make you sleepy. I took a nap and blogged all day in it. Enjoyed your pics too. How long have you lived in Australia now?

  2. 33 days :) Yep, right down to the day! Because it's not all hustle and bustle, it feels like three months, though. I'm not used to being so relaxed!

  3. Was wondering if perhaps your sleep schedule was still off wack. Bruce used to drive truck from 10 pm to 8 am and when he left the company it took him a couple months to get into a sleep cycle. Hope it all balances out for you.

  4. May I ask what made you decide to move to Australia? I would love to go there!


  5. Hey CBG-my husband is Australian, and after a two year stint of bad luck in the States we moved here to "try again". I wrote a lot about it in my other blog, here is a link to how we met and all that junk: