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September 13, 2010

Brisbane to Townsville. Finally!

I’m two weeks late with uploading my first day pictures to Picasa, but they are finally up. Over on your right ----> you’ll see a Picasa photo box, you can always look at all the pictures from there as well. Here are a few highlights, taken from our train trip up the coast to our new home:

 Goodbye, plane. I hope to not see you for a few years!

I couldn’t find a trash can lol.

 Brisbane CBD

As seen from the Roma Street train station.

I wasn’t expecting to see so many trees!

Australia sure has a lot of fences.

Doesn’t a rainbow always mean good luck?

 The sky is always so unbelievably blue.

The mighty Burdekin River.

Welcome to our new home (well, kinda)

My husband always mentions he lives in the bush. This is the bush!


  1. Train journeys are the best! Such a cool way to travel, thanks for sharing these photos.

  2. Australia looks so, uhm, Australian. Something about it that makes you go, yea, that's Australia all right.

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