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September 21, 2010

Happy Birthday, Part Two.

I promised I would post my birthday presents (because I love milking my birthday each year), so here they are. Not pictured is the nice sums of cash I got from my mom, my Pop, and my brother; a butterfly mobile from my mum’s BFF; and a gift card from my sister which was spent the very next day!

Before I start, I have to give a HUGE shout-out to my wonderful friend Di for making my birthday cake for my 30th/our going away party before we left for Australia:

Best Cake Ever 1 When I saw this, I teared up. Seriously!

Did I ever mention I’m a huge Twilight dork? No, no, don’t unfollow me! I don’t have an “Edward” tattoo or anything, but I love to read. All my people at work know on my break I love to read a book, and I swear every girl asked me, “Have you read Twilight yet?” and my reply was always, “no! I’m not some gay twelve year old!” Well, one day I ran out of books, so for shits and giggles I bought Twilight…and was hooked by the third page. So I mentioned to my mum and sister-in-law that I wanted the hardcover box set-and they got it for me! So I’m a happy Team Edward now.

Twilight Saga! 

Eiffel Tower Cushion

More of the Paris theme for the house! An Eiffel Tower cushion from my sister-in-law.

Cup and Saucer Set

My first piece of dishware for my future kitchen! Thanks Mum :)

Paul Frank Shoes

I am in love with the store Karmaloop. They have the best selection of Paul Frank, and they ship to Australia! I got an amazing package via my wish list containing these Julius canvas shoes;

Paul Frank Charm Bracelet

A Paul Frank charm bracelet with removable charms (so I can add one to my new super special charm bracelet;

Skurvy Charm Bracelet

A Skurvy bracelet (and the flashing “30” button I got from mum); and my super new awesome Julius bowler purse (which is as cute inside as it is outside)

Paul Frank Bowler

Paul Frank Bowler (inside)

And lastly, my “birthday cake” from my mum, who made this cheesecake all by herself! (okay, Sara Lee was involved lol)

Happy Birthday Cheesecake

Normally I would be looking forward to the interim holidays before Christmas, but obviously Australia doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving (if you’re asking yourself why they don’t, OPEN A HISTORY BOOK!), and devastatingly, HALLOWEEN! WTF!?!?!?!

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