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September 24, 2010

Hed’s Friday Flick-BATTLE!


This week hubs and I watched two movies back-to-back that everyone raves about but we never had the opportunity to see for some reason or another. The thing is, my husband is saying “Pineapple Express” was better than “The Hangover”. WTF? Let us compare, shall we?

It’s hard to fully explain both movies, as the core of both comedies centre (really? centre? It’s CENTER, AUSTRALIAN SPELLCHECK!) around a series of mishaps that, if explained in full, would give away the awesomeness of both movies. Oh, and the SPECTACULAR Ken Jeong is the bad guy in both movies!

“Pineapple Express” is about a summons-server/stoner named Dale (Seth Rogen as the fat stoned guy-what a stretch!) who goes to his drug dealers’ house to buy some more weed, and the dealer (James Franco) gives him a super rare strain of weed he just received called “Pineapple Express”. He’s the only drug dealer in town who has the special weed, who got it from his drug dealer Red, who got it from his drug kingpin. You follow me? He leaves and goes to his next summons serving site and witnesses a murder. He freaks out and drives away, dropping his joint. The murderer (who happens to be the kingpin) runs out, finds the joint, and realizes it’s Pineapple Express. Dale goes back to his dealer’s house and finds out he’s the only buyer that has bought the Pineapple Express. He and the dealer leave to contact Red, who is already getting beat up and interrogated by the kingpin’s henchmen. You still with me?

At this point I was like, “zzzzzz” because I’m not one for stoner comedy, but this is where the movie got funny. The two guys go on the lam (not so much “the lam”, since they are stoners and lose all sense of time and urgency), finally contact Red, and the fight the three of them have is just hilarious. I’m re-reading what I wrote and it sounds like a thriller or an action movie with all the murdering and fighting, but it’s really not. It’s a buddy comedy, believe it or not. My favourite comedy movie of all time is “Anchorman”, produced by the same guy who produced this movie, so all of the same themes, writing, people, etc. that make “Anchorman” funny is present in this movie. Just not as much (first off, there’s no Will Ferrell or Steve Carell). My favourite part of the movie was when a character was waiting around to die after being shot, and when Dale goes to find him the dying guy is playing “Crossroads” by Bone Thugs ‘n Harmony. That’s my sense of humour right there. My husband said that this movie was way funnier than “The Hangover”, but I beg to differ.


I tend to not get super hyped up at movies when they have a MASSIVELY HUGE critical reception (still haven’t seen “Avatar”), so I never had any urge to see “The Hangover”. Finally a few months ago I was trying to look for it on pay-per-view, checking to see if it was on sale in the DVD stores, even if any family members had a copy I could watch. No such luck. My mum happened to record it, and while I was making a PB&J sandwich she started to play it, and I sat down and watched the whole thing. Wow, just…wow.

“The Hangover” is another buddy comedy that starts with three friends (and one weird ass future brother-in-law), one being the groom, heading to Las Vegas for a bachelor’s night two days before said wedding. They settle in their villa (I want to stay at Caesar’s Palace so bad now!), get dressed for a night of partying they will never forget, and then…have no recollection of what happened the next morning. Oh, and the groom is MIA. The last thing the viewer sees of their wild night is the foursome taking shots of Jager on the roof of Caesars. The now threesome spend the next day collecting clues and piecing together what exactly happened the night before. I can’t even explain in sentences what they go through, so I’ll use some keywords: baby, Asians, roofies, tiger, breastfeed, tooth, Rain Man, Mike Tyson, $80K, concussion, bartender on a cruise ship, Mercedes, cop car…I’m serious. Too hard to even explain. My favourite part of this movie is…well, almost every single line in the movie. The way Zach Galifianakis (the weird brother-in-law) says “ret-ard” and sings the “best friends” song, when Stu (the dentist) sings the song on the piano, the way Phil has no regard whatsoever for the baby, Ken Jeong and his gay-gangster ways (have I mentioned I love Ken Jeong?), The Dan Band playing the reception (ala “Old School”). There’s just so much going on in the film that makes it a big ole pile of awesome.

                            I couldn’t find a great trailer, so here’s a funny ass clip. Enjoy.

So, in closing I give “Pineapple Express” 5 Hed Stars «««««    and “The Hangover” 9 Hed Stars «««««««««   

What are your thoughts? Is “Pineapple Express” funnier than “The Hangover”? What are your favourite parts of the movies? Is there a movie you want me to review for next weeks Friday Flick? (I have all the time in the world here, folks!)


  1. I love pineapple express! I think its way funnier than The Hangover! Only because I love James Franco so much :). I love the part in PE when James Franco's foot is lodged in the police car. :)

  2. Ah no way, I have to agree with you in that The Hangover is much funnier than The Pineapple Express of which I lost interest in watching till the end. The Hangover is brilliant, love it.

    Have you seen Kick Ass - I watched this last week and it blew me away, be interested to hear what you think about it. Its a bit graphic in parts, but such a good film (I think)

    Have a good weekend!

  3. Erica-Kick Ass is actually my next Friday flick! Your ears must be ringing :)

    Kurt-Yeah, I laughed my ass off at that part too :)

  4. I will never regard chairs the same way having seen hangover. Torin insisted I watch it and I was thinking this is going to be seriously bad, but it just got funnier and funnier. The gay gangster with no clothes on had me rolling on the floor. My vote for hangover.