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September 12, 2010

Hed’s Sunday Shout-Out.

Holla! I came up with this title out of nowhere!

I’ve been e-mailing my (pretty much) long-lost aunt for the past few months now, and it’s like every time I see a new facet of her it blows my mind. It’s kind of like remembering how my dad used to be when I was younger: creative, imaginative, observational, and full of promise. I was told numerous times growing up that I was “just like Roxy”, but I had no idea what that meant since I never saw her. Now that I know her, I can tell you for sure she has more talent in her pinkie toenail than I do in my whole body. I seem to have only inherited part of my dads side’s abilities; I love watching Project Runway and Tabetha’s Salon Makeover; I love markets, be it farmer, flea or open; I love the art of photography, make-up, scrapbooks, fashion, and writing. The part I didn’t inherit was the ability to actually do any of these things well!

My aunt is always puttering around doing something creative. Sometimes it’s working with glass or scrap metal, decorating a new restaurant, taking drives and picking up knick knacks to manipulate, or taking photographs of the beach (in France, no less!). Her photographs are just lovely (I’m partial to this photo collage of "salt water, the way I see it"). I’ve been pestering her as to how she takes such nice pictures.

Plus, she designs “green” jewelry…as if! I can’t even draw a stick figure properly! She gives the designs a lot of thought, and some are literally art-her designs are on display at the Matter Art Gallery in Olympia, Washington. She mentioned once that she was making a necklace called, “I love the knight life”, and me being thoroughly out of the creative loop asked if it was going to be decorated with David Hasselhoffs (get it? He was “Knight Rider!” yes, that’s my humour). How excited was I when she posted the final product?!?!?!

The Hoff!!!  Best.Necklace.Ever!

Her blog is a hodge-podge of just about everything, from art to jewelry to photography to poetry. If you enjoy eclectic works, this blog is for you. It’s got a little bit of everything!

Lastly is her Etsy store. With all the love and labour she puts into her works her items are very affordable and contemporary. Here are a few of my favourites:

"Lucky Bird" bracelet"Lucky Bird" bracelet 

"Jamaica me Happy" bracelet "Jamaica me Happy" bracelet 

"Optical Conclusion in Blue" set  "Optical Conclusions in Blue" set 

"Dream Bottle" necklace  "Dream Bottle" necklace 

(The last one is my favourite-I’m going to get mine in red!) So this concludes todays “Sunday Shout-Out”. Want to shout out your blog, band, clothing line, artwork, favourite snack food? Please drop me a line at and I’d love to feature it. Holla!

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  1. Hey Hed, a humble thank you from the auntie in question for the amazing tribute. And I'm still alive to enjoy it, wow. I'm just sorry I lost so many years avoiding my home town and the parental units and brother person because it meant I didn't find you. You are like the daughter I didn't have--four boys, what can I say. I AM coming to Australia next year come hell or high water so start planning now for the road trip of the century. Two curious cats taking on the country. How fun will that be? And yes, you will learn to take pictures that's a promise.