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September 26, 2010

Hed’s Sunday Shout-out.


So last week’s shout-out was a bust because of my birthday, but this week I have a triple threat of a shout-out!

I have been following Diary of an Indy Grrrl for at least a few months now, and every post I have read doesn’t disappoint. When I first stumbled upon her site, I knew it was for me because the title had cupcakes and skulls and polka dots and tattoos!

The Diary of an Indy Grrrl

Seriously, her blog title makes mine look like it was made by a four year old. What hooked me was her hodgepodge of fashion, jewellery, and craftables (did you know craftables isn’t a word? It should be) that she regularly updates. I get excited at the little things in life, so when she posted about organizing your life by colour, it made me want to pull out all of my drawers and knickknacks and start fresh (until I remembered I had a husband who would kill me for doing that). Doesn’t this picture make you happy to be a girl?

(Side note, it makes me miss my welcome sign I left in the States that J let me get away with:)

New Welcome Sign

She has posts ranging from kick-ass baking products to art and photography books to urban legends. I especially enjoy her try-outs of nail polish because I can live vicariously through her nails, since I bite mine to the point of extinction. Look at this colour! How cute!!!

One of the first posts I ever read was about the short-lived TV series "My So-Called Life". If I were God, I would make that show run for life. That show was just…amazing. I died my hair red after Angela did. I still die every time I see Jared Leto! Anyway, Indy Grrl made a collection of fashions that she imagined Angela and Rayanne would be wearing if they were frozen in time and here today. I think she totally hit the nail on the head with both of them.

Angela Chase

Rayanne Graff

She has a nice idea for the problem of having too much jewellery and not enough places to wear them. She goes through her jewellery box once every few weeks and rotates them to a tray, where she will pick and choose only a handful. Her taste makes me want to scour the Internet for new accessories!

As I posted, Indy Grrl was the brains (and credit) behind my "Hed's Friday Flick". She happens to pick really interesting or campy movies and gives you the lowdown about them. Seriously, I would have never even known about ""The Human Centipede" if it wasn’t for her review! (wait-is that a good thing or a bad thing?) Lastly, as any creative person should, she has her wares up on Etsy. Like I said on my last shout-out, I don’t have a molecule of creativity, so when I see someone’s heart go into their work I am awe-inspired. Here are a few of her goodies:

 A Typewriter necklace. Look at the detail!!!

 Mmmmm, donut.

 Ack! I love all of her stuff!

 These may be my next purchase!

One last thing-Indy Grrl is hosting a giveaway! Yep, that’s right, you can be the lucky winner of muy goodies!

All you have to do is go to her blog here and follow the instructions. Good luck!

So this concludes today’s “Sunday Shout-Out”. Want to shout out your blog, band, clothing line, artwork, favourite snack food? Please drop me a line at and I’d love to feature it. Holla!

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