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September 15, 2010

The House.

What may be normal or ordinary for some may not be for others. Take my new home, for example. This might look like any other Queensland home: the eucalyptus trees, the A-shaped terracotta roof, the appearance of looking like it was built on “stilts” (I found out it’s for circulating air around). But to a number of Americans, their address is in a Tract-where every house looks the same in one way or another and are built really close together. That’s why I decided to post a little photo journey around our home (mostly the outside).

Two things I think that are the most different in terms of this house and the American houses I’ve lived in are the doors and windows. I’m used to a wooden door that opens and shuts, and windows that do the same. The house we live in here have two sliding doors with two attached screens that work as the front doors (although in three weeks here I have never seen them closed or locked!), and the windows are a massive chunk of the wall where the top half slides open and shut like a typical window but the bottom half are the manual windows where they are three glass screens you open or shut with a lever. They’re all really nifty, and there is always a breeze (this coming from the girl who uses the a/c in the middle of winter!). Oh also, the walls are made of brick (they look like bricks anyway), whereas American houses are made of cheap plaster and wood. It’s been a long time since I’ve lived in a house that is unique. So, on with the pictures!

 This is what we see looking from our house.

The front yard, the first thing you smell is Eucalyptus trees.

 The "footpath", although I will probably never walk through it-spiders, snakes, mosquitoes??

 The garden. A pawpaw tree, carrots, tomatoes, corn, pineapple, potatoes, green beans.

The tiki pool, and the cockatoo cage.

 The backyard.

This is what I see from my bedroom window. That box thing is really nifty-the roof is slanted, and all the rainwater collects and drains into that tank for recycling. Go green!

 The "Gwendeck", named for my husband's Nan (grandma) who helped with the project.

 This is where the magic happens. Just kidding! It makes me think of a hotel on a beachfront.

  Mum found this clock before we got here to remind us of our wedding in Paris (Las Vegas lol).

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  1. Aw nice house! Gotta love the tropics of North Queensland, and a swimming pool too - very nice!