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September 16, 2010

I heart my hubs.

So I’ve been feeling a little down today. Tomorrow is my thirtieth birthday (which makes me cringe-I’m already 30? WTF??), and as much as it sounds cool to say “I had my thirtieth birthday in Australia!”, I’m sad. I miss my family. I miss my friends. I miss my cats. I miss The Cheesecake Factory.

Today my husband had a day off so he, mum, and myself went around town. We had lunch at a little place that serves sandwiches and hot carved meats, and I ordered a roast beef roll. I got a slice of roast beef on sandwich bread. We had to return some pants, so we decided to have a looksee at the clothes that were on sale. I am literally a size away from having to special order my clothes, apparently (mum says that I would find heaps in a larger city, and I have already found City Chic). Because summer is coming, I was looking for a bathing suit as well. There’s nothing more soul-crushing then having to choose a swimsuit. The lighting sucks, you’re exposed more than you usually are, and if you have to go a size (or two) up it breaks your heart. I just wanted to get out of there, go home, and cry into my ice cream. My husband wanted to make one more stop before we headed back, a jewellery (yes, that’s how it’s spelled here, with two “L”s) store.

I stood outside really mopey and mum had me walk in with her. I’m not really one for jewellery (I’ve had the same hoop earrings in my ears for longer than I’d like to admit), so I thought he was looking for his sister, whose birthday is next week (she mentioned to him she wanted a watch). The lady at the counter looked over at me and asked, “what charms do you prefer, Pandora or silver?” I was blown away. When my husband and I first started dating, I told him I would one day like an old-school charm bracelet from him. Every year or on every special occasion he could add a special charm to it (on my birthday he ended up getting me a silver heart necklace with a silver antique key, and I wore it every day). I thought it was super sweet and extremely special that he remembered! (I think mum helped remind him too, lol) I turned my sad frown upside down :)

They had a tray of Australian-based charms, and I told J that I think in honour of being here on my thirtieth, I should get an Australian flag as my first charm. So we special ordered this one:

Oi Oi Oi!

His mum noticed a computer charm and said I just HAD to get that one (because yes, I met my lovely husband on the Internet), so we got it as well.

After we picked out the Australian flag in the catalogue, we stumbled upon this one, and mum said she had to get that one for me because it’s where J and I got married (Paris Las Vegas!).


I said, “ooh, babe, maybe for our wedding anniversary you can find a locket to add to this!”, and his mum picked out another charm from the catalogue that we ended up ordering as well! (she said “might as well order it now, right?” Okay!)

(Getting a tattoo of this one day)

The bracelet was a simple silver chain with a padlock lock (I liked that it looked like a charm!)


This means the world to me. I hope one day I can pass it on to my children (or maybe my nieces!) and share with them the story of why each charm was chosen. P.S. These pictures are courtesy of Amanda Jo Charms, you can follow her blog here. See you later, friends. I have to go find a Paul Frank charm!


  1. Happy Birthday Hed! Hope you have a lovely day tomorrow. That computer charm is pretty cute. Thats pretty cool that you met hubby online- Have you seen my post about my online dating disasters? Clearly you had much better luck than me!

    FF xo

  2. Holy...crap! I just read your blog about your online dating. The freaky guy who stole your bench? That would have cut men off for me completely. I made a blog about how I met my husband on my other blog, here's a link:

  3. awww, you made me get all emo and girly. How lovely the hubs family sounds. I still have the charm bracelet I got for high school graduation. So full there's no more room on it but it is my treasure and holds so many memories. I'm heavy into metalsmithing now and when I get my silver skills down I'll make you a charm too. much love to you, Auntie R

  4. And a very happy birthday to you Hed, I have been meaning to say that for a few days, hooray for Virgos indeedy. Pretty lockets, love the laptop one!