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September 07, 2010

I know, I really like food, right?

So about once a week, I troll my blog lists for links to blogs that my bloggers like. Does that make sense? (Shout-out to Recycled Fashion, who is my newest member and also my newest blog subscription) Anyways, I can usually tell if I am going to like a blog just by reading the title of said blog. Actually, I need to rant for a second…I’m getting so tired of all the family blogs. No, I’m not some single childless Nazi who hates kids, but Jeebus, does everyone need to post about how cute their kids’ poopie was today? There’s the Crazy Dad, the Gamer Dad, the Clueless Dad, the Dad of Seven, the Travel Dad, and so on. I enjoy blogs where people talk about their individuality, their experiences, their journey through life. Hell, maybe since I’m not a “real” parent (long story), I can’t appreciate the page-long blog about little Johnny’s chicken pox.

Okay, anger gone, where was I? Ah yes, I can usually tell if I am going to like a blog just by reading the title of said blog. Something something cupcakes? Sign me up! I joined a blog called Content Unrelated (okay, sometimes the blog title doesn’t really tell you anything) and today’s blog was about a website called Wordle. Wordle trolls your blog and makes a picture, if you will, of the most common words in your blog. Cool beans, right? Here is mine:


Damn it! Food leads the way, just like it does in real life. Get outta my head, wordle!!! It’s funny, because last night at dinner my husband and I were talking to his parents about the Mc 10:35 and the Secret menu from In-n-Out Burger and they joked that J should be a food critic because all he does is talk about food! I blame myself, of course. Two years in the States and he is a food glutton just like the rest of us. And like, I am Californian, so it’s just natural for me to add “like” to any phrase or sentence. I’m kind of surprised “totally” isn’t up there.

This blog was actually supposed to be about my first day of work, but I’m me, so ADD took over and I started an entirely new subject. Besides, all I did yesterday was slice bread. Seriously. Someone called out sick and they were way behind, so I sliced bread for five hours because it’s an easy job. Maybe I’ll have better insight next Monday. Oh, and I was going to start a “Make-Up Monday” blog too. Well, there’s always next Monday.

And J got a job!!! WOO HOO! He dropped off his application at Woolies (Woolworths, the town grocery store), and they called the house to arrange for an interview before he even got back home. He drove back and they offered him a job as a night stalker! Wait…a night stocker. The first one he does for free. Both of us are currently employed at a casual rate (casual=part-time), so the wages are slightly higher than full-time (or so I’ve been told), but we also get zero benefits and less hours. Oh well, at the moment I want something small and easy and casual.

Usually I have a funny quip or a closing paragraph, but I had a migraine all last night and it’s slowly creeping back into my head as I type. In a couple of hours I’m going to a special masseuse my mum scheduled for me because I’ve been having truly unbearable back pain, so hopefully tomorrow I can get back on track with some real blogging.

Signed, Crazy clueless gamer travel girl.

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  1. Congratulations on the both of you finding a job, hopefully your work gets a bit more interesting as the weeks go on. I'm sure it will! Thanks for the shout out!