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September 09, 2010


I finally was able to muck around the Google webmaster tools enough to get my blog on a search engine. Any search engine! The thing is, with blogging, you want to get yours out as much as possible. Or maybe that’s just me and my ego.

Anyways, look! not only is my expat blog first on the list, but my actual blog is fifth! (Screw you Hed PE!)


Okay, okay. So anyone stumbling on my blog would actually have to type “Hed Down Under”, but it’s a start, right? I’m hoping one day someone will type “Australia blog” and I will be on the first page. We all have dreams, damn it!

I think I may make a Facebook link to my blog for all of the people that can’t be fussed pressing the “follow” button (see it, friends? It’s to your right --->).

I guess I should write something about my emo post from yesterday. I do feel better, but my back is still in pain. Actually, I’ve been in bed almost all day. I was looking into traveller’s insurance as I am not a resident (yet), but *apparently* I can go to hospital (Americans, Aussies don’t use “the” before hospital. It sounds weird to me still) and get it looked at and it won’t cost me anything since I don’t have any insurance. I’m assuming it would be like waiting hours and hours at THE county hospital in the States. Lame. But free! I think? I’ve never been to THE hospital for a basic visit, that’s what doctors are for…but I guess since Medicare is free and doctors are not, THE hospital is the way to go. Or so I’ve been led to understand as so. I’m gonna make my husband buy the good insurance when I become a resident so I can get all the bells and whistles. It’s been a long time since I’ve had health insurance (screw you, American health system!), so I’d like to make sure my spleen is functioning properly and all that.

I still have yet to post my train pics! Ugh, I am such a lazy bum sometimes. I write on my damn laptop, it’s not like I can’t bring this to bed with me, right? I mean writing in bed, not going to sleep with my laptop or anything (I would if I could). Maybe I’ll do them now while waiting for hubs to get off work. Tomorrow is Hed’s Friday Flick, so see you then!


  1. get thee to hospital and get thy back fixed! That's what its there for!

  2. With regard to hospitals and insurance etc, I can't say for sure as I don't know your visa situation, but when I arrived on a spouse visa years ago, I was still able to get a temporary medicare card which enabled me to 'free' medical treatment (some minor out of pocket expenses with doctor appointments etc) Is that possible for you maybe?

  3. I came here on a "work and holiday" visa because the spouse visa was going to be a 6+ month wait in the States. We are going to apply for it here, and THEN I can get Medicare, but not before sadly (hubs called Medicare yesterday to check). I'm hoping I will figure it all out...and soon!

  4. I am sure you would be eligible for a temporary card (shit- mine is up in november!) but I don't know for sure as Pommyland and Australia have reciprocal Health agreement. I think private health insurance is pretty cheap and you can get some of it back in a tax rebate. I am looking into it for next year (provided all is OK and I am allowed to stay!)

    How did you figure out google webmaster tools? I can't seem to and I'd love my blogspot to feature much higher. It's all about the traffic baby..

    FF xo