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October 23, 2010

Day 15.

Okay, so my schedule is completely backwards at the moment, as I have just woken up-at 6:30pm. I think I may be coming down with something or I’m anemic. I have no energy. I can’t get to sleep, but when I do, I sleep about 12 hours. Ugh. Let me see if I can jumpstart my brain today with a new question:

Day 15: Something or someone you couldn't live without.

Over the course of these 30 days I’ve posted a lot about my family, my husband, my cats and my friends. Obviously they would be what I can’t live without. But, you know, this question is a moot point to me, because this year I have pushed the limits of what I need and don’t need by moving to Australia.

Months leading up to the move I personally took every item I owned into account, wondering if this was a need or a want. I have about 6 boxes back in the States waiting to be shipped over here with the things I chose to need. All my Paul Frank stuff (and I even got rid of a few PF items-now THAT was hard), scrapbooking crap, shot glasses from around the world, the green fridge knick knack I’ve had since I was 8, pictures, albums, yearbooks, my two “chicken bowls” (the soup bowls I use when I’m sick and they magically make me feel better), Christmas ornaments, and my pirate hat. These things all hold great significance to me. But hey, I’ve been here almost two months, and those things are still in America, so they can’t be too crucial, right?

Now, if we are taking this question lightly (which I totally am), I think what I couldn’t live without would be:

Chap stick.

Coke Zero or Diet Pepsi.

My laptop.

Paul Frank!

Ice cream.


That’s about it. It’s funny how we think about questions like these when we play the “what if” game. I don’t think any of us would die if anything material was taken away (unless that was insulin or an inhaler I guess). I gave up everything that mattered to me to move over here and make a new start with my husband. I miss our couch, our apartment, the desk I assembled by myself (girl power!), my car, Mexican food, sushi, Christmas in Winter (its Summer here during Xmas, and it just seems blasphemous to me), and all the little things that I took for granted because it was always there. Now it’s not, and I’m coping. I think for some who have never been pushed against a wall their answers would be different, but honestly, as long as we have our basic essentials and our health, we’ll be fine.

(I just realized this whole post was crap, so blame my lethargy today, will ya?)


  1. Hope you feel better soon!

    Material items are just that ...material. I often think that if our house burnt down setting aside that all family members are out and safe from harm, the only things I would be upset about are things like pictures, and my wedding gown, and my daughter's 1st bin. Everything else can be replaced!


  2. Far from crap Sweetie. You said so much. And you're honest. That makes for a good post in my book. Hugs, your US East Coast Mom XXOO

  3. Its really hard to give up things that you think you need. I know...I've had to do it quite a few times. And its weird, because it usually doesn't take long to completely forget about them. We can survive on a lot less than we think.

  4. Big shout out to Girl Power!
    I'm like you as long as me and my kids basic needs are taking care of and we have each other, what else matters? Take care :)

  5. Nope,definitely not crap and quite brave and positive!