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October 27, 2010

I’m Excited! (Not in that way!)

So it’s 3am…yeah, my schedules still a little bit backwards. My brain isn’t working too hard at the moment, so I’m posting mostly photos. Yesterday I mentioned to my husband that come December we will have been together 3 years, married 2. Last year I was in the throes of my depression, so we didn’t celebrate our anniversary or decorate the house for Christmas (my favourite holiday!). I asked J, “babe, do you think we can spend our anniversary on Magnetic Island?” and he said, “sure babe, whatever you want to do”. So I started doing some research.

I am freaking IN LOVE with “Maggie” Island, by the way. About 25% of it is a nature reserve and its so small you can drive around the whole island in maybe 45 minutes. OH! And you get to drive a moke! (although I’m gonna see if J will let us rent scooters this time) When I was visiting in August of 2008, J took me there and I instantly loved it. It was so beautiful, you have no idea. We drove “Tinkerbell”, isn’t it adorable?

Magnetic Island Sunset

Sunday is a universal day of rest over here, so about 60% of things are closed (God I wish my friends in the States had the same plan, but we’d all go crazy if things were actually CLOSED! I still have a hard time with it here!). But…Sunday is also market day! You may remember a month ago I blogged about our failed trip to Townsville because I got sick. The day was completely planned, and I even had a map with the market locations and their times on a map. I was so bummed because I love farmer’s markets and we were spending the night at Jupiter's Casino (AND my hubs requested chocolate covered strawberries in the room!), but I felt awful, so we drove back home. I really want to have a do-over of the day we were planning to have, so I thought since J is off every Sunday, we could spend the morning in Townsville at the markets and stay on Magnetic Island that night. Before I set up the day, I asked J if I could book a room tonight and he said that was fine, anywhere I wanted. There was only one place I wanted to stay: Bright Point!


There were no bookings available for the month of December (the 7th is our anniversary), so I got a room for the last weekend of November (it’s so weird-I’ll be starting summer and BBQ’s while my family will be stuffing themselves with turkey and pie *tear*). I’m so excited! You know what I’m the most excited about? After I booked the place I googled “Magnetic Island dining” and came across a place which serves:

TRADITIONAL NACHOS - with Roja, Guacamole and Sour Cream



2 - 6” soft flour tortillas rolled tight and fried, and topped with salsa.

I may not ever leave!


  1. That place looks AMAZING! So jealous!


  2. Hed...what a gorgeous place. Can see why you want to go back. I think you'll have fun this time around. Want to hear a good one? Bruce and I went on that first date on 12/7 so that's our anniversary date too!

  3. Now you have me dreaming of holidays on Magnetic Island. Congrats on the wedding annivrsary too. Such big life changes in such a short time. Amazing

  4. Aww, that will be sooo nice! How inviting is that pool? Magnetic Island is so beautiful, and you get to eat yummy nachos too - yey

  5. Yeah, I'm completly jealous. That place looks amazing.

  6. I love Maggie- I stayed at a grotty backpackers though! I can recommend the scooters! Much fun! I'd love to know the story about how you met your husband!!

  7. Just a question. I know this question could probably be answered if I read all of your blogs, but it's just quicker to ask, What town do you live in? My initial guess was Townsville (where I am, but people who live in Townsville don't like Maggie as much as you seem to. Everyone here thinks its a dirty hole, and its kind of a chore if you have to go over there. So I'm guessing you live in Cairns?


  8. Megan-(PS I'm not a comment e-stalker, I just happen to be updating my blog and saw your comment pop up) I happen to live in the glorious (ugh) town of Charters Towers. Yeah. So any time I have the opportunity to leave it's a big damn deal! I think its blown up in my mind because of my mindset when I went on holiday there-my husband was my then-fiance and it was this amazing island...coming from California it was so unique to me. Checking out your site now!