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October 12, 2010

On the hunt.

The lovely Barb from This and That tagged me in an Internet scavenger hunt. It’s a cute way to get to know your fellow bloggers, and you all KNOW how much I like to write about myself (it’s kind of my thing). So here goes:

Tell everyone who tagged you- um, I kind of just did?

Find and post each item on the list:
Your favourite YouTube video- oh, this one is easy…it’s the wedding dance! I watch this all the time, yet I still cry when the bride comes out dancing. If you haven’t seen this you’re like, the only one on Earth. So watch it!

And just for the sake of laughs, this video never, ever gets old. The video quality is crap, but Jeebus it’s funny.

A photo that will make everyone say “awww”- Every day I tell myself that I’m over my cats, yet when I see them again, I crumble. They were my kids, and I think about them every day. This is the first day they met, and they were instant brothers.

Sam and Portal

A funny T-shirt-Pardon my sense of humour…

Something geeky-If you know what this is, then you are definitely a geek.


A link or photo to your favourite movie-That’s right, it’s Vanilla Sky. And I don’t want to hear NO LIP ABOUT IT!!!

 Why’d Tom Cruise have to turn into such a weirdo?

A link to the newest blog you’ve discovered-That would be the amazing Minx! Go read her stuff (and her R-rated stuff, too)!

A photo of something on your wish list-I’ll pick two, and neither of them are available in Australia. Sad face!

 Paul Frank “Skurvy” beach cruiser bike. !!!!!!!!

hurst_dodge_challenger 2009 Dodge Challenger. Sex on wheels.

Tag seven other blogs-Well, I’ve already tagged two, so I’ll give a shout-out to

Canadian Blogger Girl-She’s Canadian!                                                                   Content Unrelated-He’s hilarious and insightful!                                                    Fully Fashioned-She’s English and fashionable!                                               Running Rabbit-She’s creative and funny and family!                                             Musings of a Bipolar Girl-She’s CRAZY! (It’s my other blog, but I am crazy)

Notify each blog you tagged-I’m getting a migraine, I’ll do it later!


  1. I saw some skirt riding one of those silly pink bikes around Huntington Beach once. I fought the urge run her over.

  2. Awww thank you so much Hed. Glad you enjoy my Dribble and the naughty stuff too. Guess I am tagged so I will have to go hunting. Hugs :)

  3. Hed...You are very welcome. Good list of stuff too. Those bikes are all over the beaches here in South Carolina. Brings back memories to the old bikes me and my brothers had. Bikes had fenders in those days. So cool.

  4. Thanks for tagging me! Already did it a couple days ago, so I'm gonna be lazy on this one in fear of becoming repetative!

    I absolutely loved the wedding video! What an interesting way to mix it up!


  5. A comment a lovely lady who calls herself “hed” posted on Mynx’s Dribble aroused me…or at least my curiosity….enough to check her out. :-)

    So here I am stalking another beauty down under and counting my blessings.

    She’s a candidate for my blogosphere harem because what I’ve seen of her pic and her blog thus far indicates she has everything it takes to qualify.

  6. Task completed as requested. :)

  7. That is an awesome wedding video! Definitely a great way to inject personality and fun into your big day.