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October 13, 2010

Write something nice on my tombstone…

Because I am doing to freaking DIE OF MALARIA HERE!!!

Mosquito Death Oct 10

I noticed a mosquito snacking on my hand so I smack it. Within five minutes I see the telltale bite, and shortly after my elbow starts to itch. I look and this is what I find. Instead of soap I need to clean myself with INSECT REPELLANT!!!


  1. OMG! I swell with mosquito bites too! Here is a suggestion, the more deet (not sure that is spelt right) the better it works.


  2. Big buggers in Queensland I believe. But no maleria at least. Always found "Soov" the best stuff to use on mozzie bites

  3. I told you that you are a Sweetie!!! Here's proof. haha. Seriously, I react really bad to bug bites. Not life threatening but enough to make me so sore and uncomfortable that I have to get prednisone to clear it up. Be careful.

  4. Citronella - mossies hate it, its a natural repellent, you can buy it in oil, or I have some in a little jar that I got from a market that I rub on my wrists. Might be able to find it in a health food shop? Works a treat.