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November 12, 2010

Awards and Questions.

I owe you all a Friday Flick! Today I went through all of my blogs and found that Mynx from Dribble... gave me an “Honest Scrap” award. Woo hoo!

And Skippy over at I Make Soap tagged me for a four question survey. First off, the rules of accepting the “Honest Scrap” award is to list ten honest things about myself, so I have decided to incorporate both. Aren’t I practical? First, Skippy’s questions:

1.  You are having a dinner party for 10 people - who would you have [living or dead]? Let’s assume first off that everyone would get along, because the people I have in mind would probably not be the first to sit next to one another. Wait, why assume anything? I get to pick dead people!

  • Marilyn Manson-can you imagine the questions you could ask him?
  • Amelia Earhart-I’d want to get down to the bottom of the question that has been asked for years-are we or aren’t we related?
  • Adolf Hitler-no, I’m not a racist or a Nazi. I would just like to speak to him after the fact and see if, looking back, he still feels justified for his actions.
  • My grandma-just to see her face one more time.
  • Britney Spears-so I could poison her food.
  • Angelina Jolie-I’d love to pick her brain about life and humanity and sex and love and tattoos.
  • Jemaine Clement-he would be a blast, I’ll bet.
  • God-duh.
  • George Bush-see Hitler comment.
  • My cat Sam in human form-what? If I can pick dead people, I can pick my cat!

2.  Have you ever had something bad happen that turned out to be a blessing in disguise? I think everything happens for a reason. There have been so many times where I have quit or passed on a job and I hear shortly after they have closed down, or filed for bankruptcy, or something like that. I think all bad things usually have some sort of clarifying moment.

3.  What do you consider your greatest achievement to date? Ugh, I’ve been too down in the dumps lately to answer that question confidently. I think I am a good manager (when I apply myself). I think I am a good person (even though I’m not really “good” at anything specific). Achievements? I’m not sure. I made it to 30.

4.  What is the best part of your day? When I’m asleep. Seriously. Sleep is the best feeling in the world.

Now on to ten honest things about me.

5. I once won $5084.62 on a keno machine. I had put a $20 in it and hit the jackpot with $5 left.

6. I was handpicked at 8 to feed the dolphins during a demonstration at Sea World.

7. I have never had hair longer than my shoulders. Every time it gets to the stage where I can put it in a ponytail, I have the urge to chop it all off. A month after my wedding (the longest it ever has been so I could have an updo), I cut it all off again.

8. I buy shoes a size larger than my foot because I hate the feeling of tight shoes. Oh, and I can’t stand socks-the ribbing on the toes bothers me so much that when I wear socks I have to fold the tops over. I’m weird.

9. I met my husband playing World of Warcraft (SO EMBARRASSING TO TYPE THAT TO THIS DAY!!!).

10. I have a brother named Jamie Lee and a sister named Jaime Lee and they are not related (no that’s not a riddle).

I am going to pass this award on to four people, and I am going to give them four questions to answer as the stipulation:

  1. What is one food that you want to try before you die?
  2. If you had one day to spend a million bucks, where would you spend it?
  3. What band (any era, alive or dead) would you want to see live?
  4. If you could change one part of yourself through plastic surgery, what would it be?

And here are the award winners:

Skippy Mom at I Make Soap-she gives me hope (hey, that rhymed!). And she doesn’t have to answer the questions if she doesn’t want to since she already was tagged. Just the 10 honest things will do :)

Dani-Q at The Danique Chronicles-every subject she writes about is interesting!

Jeff at Content Unrelated-every blog he writes is pure gold.

Free Flying at Tickets for Two-even with my intense fear of flying, I love her blog. Love love love! Her adventures are amazing.

Oh, and part two of "Scene from a Starbucks" is tomorrow!


  1. hed - this whole post made me smile like heck! Thank you! [and I have to admit I laughed out loud - scared the dog - at the Brittany Spears invite. PRICELESS]

    I totally get the sock thing. I know so many kids, friends, everyone who hates that. I wear socks just because I have ugly feet tho'. It wins out over the uncomfortableness of the ribbing. Trust. :)

    Thanks again - you never fail to make me smile. Can't wait for part two.

  2. you so deserve that award lovely lady. Great post too. Love your dinner party guests, should make for an interesting evening

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You made my day. And, as always, great post. I was totally with you on the Hitler idea. It would be fascinating to find out how he feels after the fact.

  4. Congrats to you! Totally award winning in my eyes!


  5. Hed...this was fantastic as usual. Love your list of dinner guests. Can I come too? Sounds like fun.

    You need to post more pics of yourself. I bet you have the most amazing smile. Why? Because anyone who can make me (Skippy too) smile has to have a great smile herself.

  6. Congrats on the award! I would so love to observe the dinner you would partake in!

  7. Thanks for the award! I appreciate the appreciation very very much. Now, to think of answers to those questions...

  8. Congratulations, you are winner!

    “I met my husband playing World of Warcraft (SO EMBARRASSING TO TYPE THAT TO THIS DAY!!!).”
    Its ok, relationships which start online are getting more and more acceptable these days. It’s a whole new world, a new fantastic point of view, no one to tell you no, or where to g- wait, that's a song. Forget everything I just said.

  9. Skippy-I'm glad I got a laugh outta ya! :) The questions were awesome!

    Mynx-Thanks again for the award-can't wait to get some of your custom made ones, too...

    FF-You totally deserve it <3

    CBG and Morgan-Thanks!

    Barb-I try to stay anonymous, but it's hard when I'm conceited and like to post pictures. I kid!

    Jeff-You're welcome! Your blog is manna from heaven...

    Drake-So you just outed yourself as a nerd, you know that, right? :)