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November 04, 2010

Colour my Thursday.

This post is supposed to land on Mondays, but I’m a procrastinator. Before I get into it I’d like to tell you a short story. Last Tuesday, while everyone was participating in the national elections back home (I hope YOU voted!), all of Australia was sitting in front of the TV watching the Melbourne Cup. It is billed as “the race that stops the nation”, and its such a big deal that Victorians get a day off because of the event (I’d like to lobby Congress for days off in America for the Super Bowl, NBA finals and the World Series). That morning I was looking at the online bets and stuff (gambling is HUGE in Australia), and I started looking at the horse names. One stood out: Americain. I ran over to J and was like, “look! There’s a horse named Americain! We should totally bet $10 on it so I can tell people ‘I bet on Americain hardy har har’” and he told me “no way! Betting is stupid. Besides that horse has like a 12 to 1 chance against it”. I hemmed and hawed that ten bucks was nothing, that it would be fun to bet on my first ever Melbourne Cup and so on, but he emphatically said no. So I went on about my day.

A little after 2pm I hear J yelling and  go out into the living room to see what he’s hollering about. The cup was on, and I was annoyed that he didn’t call me in to watch it! So all I ended up watching was the horse cross the finish line. I asked J, “so who won?” and he tells me “Americain”. Oh.My.GOD. You have no idea how mad I was. Like steam coming out of my ears mad. Not because I would have made 120 bucks, no. I was SO MAD that out of like twenty horses MY pick won and he wouldn’t let me bet on it! AND it was called AMERICAIN!!! I mean that would have been an AMAZING story. Lots of four letter words were flung out, I’d like to add. And I’m still angry! Moral of the story is? Don’t listen to what your husband says. Ever! (J, if you’re reading this, I kid I kid!)

Okay so on to “Colour my week”. As I’ve said, Erica from Recycled Fashion does a colour themed blog at the beginning of every week as kind of a way to brighten everything up and start your week off right. Last week was green, a colour I don’t usually wear but can appreciate. This week is orange. Oh, how I loathe orange. Orange is by far my least favourite colour! I love red and I like yellow, so I don’t know why orange drives me crazy. The only time I ever wear orange on my person is when I dye my hair red and the red fades.

yes, I’m really THAT pale.Hed March 10

I have a hard time even THINKING about orange in fashion, so I am going to post about the first orange things that come to mind.

Glorious Reese’s. I ordered some from home and they are happily in the freezer.

Autumn! I have to admit, I’m missing fall back home like crazy.

You just can’t think of Halloween without a pumpkin!

Or Thanksgiving without a pumpkin pie.

Christina Hendricks. Holy crap. (Okay technically she’s a redhead)

And lastly…yesterday I was watching TV while my husband was sleeping next to me so I decided to put makeup on him out of boredom (and possibly to get back at him for the Melbourne Cup incident). I’d like to point out that this is the first time he has ever let me put makeup on his face and he is ALL MAN (just in case he is reading this). but it actually looked pretty sexy so I made him pose for me. In honour of today’s colour wheel I tinted the picture so I could have an excuse to put the picture on my blog!

All man, ladies :)


  1. Dude he pulls that off better than I can! I'm so jealous.

  2. You may be happy to know that you can buy Reese's PB cups in Townsville. It's pretty rare, but my friend and I regularly check out all the places that sell American lollies, and I know they're sold at several places.

  3. I so want to try these Reese's PB cups...I have heard so much about them and they sound delicious :)Love the pic of your man :)

  4. Um Super Bowl Sunday is a day off for Americans. Just a thought. And our Triple Crown [the horse races in America] are always held on the weekend - that would be similar to what AUS had.

    And 12-1 is not that bad of odds - with a name like AmericAIN [what is with the spelling] how could you lose. Sorry about that.

    You asked me about fatigue recently - if you are that pale [I didn't realize] - even if you are naturally that pale I would suggest an iron test to check for anemia, seriously. I know of what I speak. It may explain a lot of your tiredness, sleeping and joint pain. Trust me on this...and if you don't read my blog. I am not kidding.

  5. Reese's PB are amazing. I'd like to try some pumpkin pie! Well done on the orange, particularly as it is your least favourite colour, thats a mighty effort talking about a colour you dont like :)

  6. Great pics. If you are ever stuck for something to write about I'd love to hear the full story about how you and hubby met.

    Also- You can definitely buy Reeces Cups in Big W and K Mart. I have taken the plunge myself!!

    I thought of you when Americain came in. I had all these fancy accumulator and trifector bets lucky I had Americain as a mystery place bet- I won $25.

    FF xo

  7. Megan and Erica-after I got the Reeses (from I found some in Townsville and was SO HAPPY! My family is always grossed out with my love of "peanut paste" ha ha.

    Skippy-I mean full on day off, like on Christmas! I always seem to have to work on Super Bowl Sunday, but that's what I get for working in retail!

    FF-I can't believe you didn't comment on Christina Hendricks! I have a post on my other blog about me and J, I'll have to spruce it up and post it on here this month, just for you!

  8. I would have been made too at the whole American winning!


  9. I didn't have a bet on the race either. We had it on the tv at work so stopped to watch it. It was a cool name for a French horse lol

  10. Yep, would have been a great story. And I would have been pissed too. But mainly because Isaac always seems to veto anything that I say that's not specifically my area of expertise. Sometimes even travel suggestions. It's like it's his default response. And it makes me livid. Because I have great ideas. Except for all of the ones that end really, really poorly.

  11. Oh - I see what you mean, you're right Hed. Didn't think about that [and I waitressed on Super Bowl Sunday for years. lol]

    I put you on my blog roll this morning and sorry about the confusing name of my blog. It should read I USED to make soap. lol

    Have a great one!