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November 13, 2010

Free Write, Part 2.

Here’s the rest of the story…read the first part here.

Scene from a Starbucks

Lucie’s eyes opened. She raised her hand to tap Paul on the shoulder but quickly jerked her hand away. What do I say? She started to feel ill. She closed her eyes again briefly, took a deep breath, and said, “I’d know that big head anywhere!” Paul slowly turned around. His eyes widened when he realized it was Lucie. “Hey. You’re home. How was New York?” No hug, okay, okay, Lucie thought. “Hey! Yeah, I’ve been back for about three weeks now. New York was amazing. I mean, it’s so different from California! How are you?”

“I’m doing well. Business has been slowly picking up, so I’ve been keeping busy. Are you living with your mom right now?”

“No, no. I found a condo online while I was in New York and finalized everything over there. The wonders of the Internet, huh?” Lucie nervously giggled. “That’s cool,” Paul said. “You look great. Hey, they opened that sushi place you liked in L.A. about a mile away from here. It’s pretty good…oh, hold on a sec” Paul turned away from Lucie to order his drink. Lucie’s stomach was more jumpy than a gymnast. He looks the same! He looks like…Paul! He smells like Paul. Oh God, I’ve missed him so much, Lucie thought. Paul stepped out of the line to wait for his drink and Lucie ordered her pumpkin latte. She stepped out of line and watched Paul blow on his coffee. He glanced over at her and smiled. Lucie took a silent deep breath and walked closer to Paul. “I haven’t had sushi in ages! I hadn’t found a place in New York that was as good as the ones back home. I’m not really doing anything tonight, how about you come with me? That way we can get a bunch and share!”

“Oh, that sounds good, but I’m running late to pick up Jenny from my mom’s. I was dying for coffee so I made a quick pit stop,” Paul replied. Lucie laughed and didn’t miss a beat. “Oh my God, you finally got a dog! How did you talk your roommates into letting you finally get one?” Paul briefly looked away and said, “no, Lucie. Jenny is my daughter. My mom watches her when Melissa and I work during the day”. Lucie’s smile subsided. She felt like her knees were going to give out. Bile rose in her stomach, and her trembling hands almost made her drop her drink. “Oh, you have a daughter. Wow. How old?”

“Two months tomorrow! Here, hold my coffee and I’ll show you a picture.” As Paul handed Lucie his coffee and reached for his wallet, Lucie did the math in her head. We broke up in November, so it’s been thirteen months-minus a two month old and a nine month pregnancy-TWO MONTHS??? He couldn’t move in with me but got someone pregnant after two months? Did five years mean anything to him? Lucie couldn’t believe what she had heard. She visualized popping both lids off the drinks and pouring them on Paul. He grabbed the coffee back from her and flipped open his wallet to show Lucie a picture of the most precious baby she had ever seen. Jenny had tiny blonde curls, even at two months. Her blue eyes glistened, and she had a joyous smile. Lucie glanced at the picture next to Jenny’s and it was a picture of a man in a tuxedo and a woman in a wedding dress. The man was Paul. “Oh, you’re…married. Congratulations”. Lucie was doing her best to disguise the quiver in her voice.

“Oh, yeah. Melissa and I have been married for…gosh, um…six months or so? She’s the one who knows all the dates and crap. But hey, let me give you my number and we can meet up soon for sushi. Melissa is still breastfeeding so she won’t go near the stuff-“ Lucie interrupted him and forcefully handed him his coffee. “Shit!” Lucie exclaimed. “Oh my God you just reminded me that I do have plans tonight! A…meeting to discuss Christmas budgets. It was really nice seeing you, Paul. Bye!” Lucie ran out the door into the now pouring rain and rushed towards her car. She hopped in, fumbled for her keys and sped away.

As she turned onto her street, the pain she felt became overwhelming. She pulled over, stopped the car and sobbed uncontrollably. She sat and cried so long her pumpkin latte steamed up the windows, letting no one see in.


  1. Really?? Hell this wasn't what I expected :) Poor Lucie :(

  2. This is wonderful and sad. I love it.
    Are you going to write more?

  3. Vicki-yeah, sometimes there isn't a happy ending, huh :(

    Mynx-My aunt just asked me the same question, she said "you're not going to just let her sit and cry forever, are you?"

  4. WHAT?!?!?!?!?!

    I'm so mad at him....

  5. That was not what I expected....I hope that you write more of this story because it will be interesting to see what happens to Lucie...
    I wish she had thrown coffee at him...

  6. Hed...this was good. Typical guy hurts girl story! Why are men so good at that? haha.

  7. Morgan and Colenic-I never had the story in my mind any other way!

    Barb-Yep, I have a lot of experience with it, lol.