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November 07, 2010

Hed’s Sunday Shout-Out.

Hey all! In September, I had starting posting a blog theme titled “Hed’s Sunday Shout-Out”. What it was supposed to be about was, well, anything I liked-a spotlight on a specific blog, band, movie, TV show, food, etc. I also encouraged suggestions from readers to e-mail me if they wanted something to be highlighted. Because of the “30 Days of Truth” I strayed, but now I am back.

In high school, my best friend K was IN LOVE with Bush frontman/Gwen Stefani’s husband Gavin Rossdale. Like obsessed love. Whenever he would sing she would blurt out “AAH! I LOVE HIM!!!” whether we were in the car or in the middle of a grocery store. Ever since when I see someone who is smoking hot, I also get the urge to do that,  much to the dismay of my husband who is usually next to me when I say it. So I decided, since I have my “Sunday migraine” (something I always seem to get every other Sunday at least), to make this one pretty simple: An eye-candy festival of “Hed’s Top Ten Most Beautiful People”. Enjoy!

Number 10 (tie): Julian McMahon and Eric Dane. The battle of the TV doctors is on! When I first saw Julian McMahon (as Dr. Christian Troy on “Nip Tuck”), he was perfect. I have a serious weakness for men with dark hair and blue eyes. Plus, his swagger on the show was appealing. I almost forgot about him on the list until I went to post Eric Dane (who you may know as Dr. Mark Sloane or simply “McSteamy” on “Grey’s Anatomy”). Eric Dane’s character possesses many of the same qualities as Julian McMahon’s Troy: They are both womanizers, plastic surgeons, sensitive on the inside, and damn sexy! Judge for yourself:

                  Those eyes!                                                                                                                    That body!



Number 9: Joel McHale. This is one crush that my husband and I jointly share (sorry, babe). Joel is the host of E’s “The Soup”, and has that cool Conan O’Brien-like self depreciating humour. His hair is always perfect. Now he’s Jeff Winger on “Community”, which is freaking hilarious and random. There was one episode where he stripped down to his skivvies to play pool, and my jaw dropped to the floor. Holy crap, is that what was underneath his suit? Yes, please!


Number 8: Edward Cullen. No, that’s not an error-I said Edward Cullen, not Robert Pattinson. And yes, I am gay…thanks. Robert Pattinson is a scuzzy, awkward looking man who looks goofy in every single candid photo taken of him (go Google him, I dare you). Edward Cullen however, is that sexy pale sensitive guy that wants to sweep you off your feet (literally, as he can practically fly like Superman). I was sucked into the “Twilight” franchise like every other stupid girl, and didn’t understand the Rob Pat hype until I saw the movie. Oh, and while I’m on the “Twilight” bandwagon, I’ll throw in Jackson Rathbone (Jasper) for good measure.


Number 7: Christina Hendricks. I don’t think I’m wrong when I say she gets the pulses racing of every woman and man on the planet. Christina plays Joan Holloway on “Mad Men”, and her amazon figure completely compliments the cuts and styles of the fashion that was worn in the 1960’s (the time period the show is set in). My husband has full permission to drool over her (unlike MARIAH CAREY! Really J? It’s gross). She gets another thumbs up from me for embracing her curves and shape and not trying to “fix” it, as many women in Hollywood are pressured to do. She’s just…she’s fantastic.


Number 6 (tie): Trent Reznor and Tim McIlrath. People say “out with the old, in with the new”, so I put both men as equal value. Why? I’ll explain. If you don’t know who Trent Reznor is, you may have been living under a rock for the past twenty years. Trent is the creator of Nine Inch Nails, and I have been a NIN junkie since 1994. When I first laid eyes on this skinny, sexy goth-lookin’ dude I was sold. He changed my entire outlook on what “my type” was. Before then, I loved grunge-type guys: Long, scraggly hair; flannel shirts that smelled like smoke and big ol’ combat boots. Trent wore black. Tight black. Vinyl and leather black. He looked like if you got too close to him, he could bite. I was 14 then and I’m 30 now, and his effect on me has never waned (if anything, his music and looks have gotten better). To be honest, my son is named Trent. So there.

     Trent Reznor, 1991                                                                                                   Trent Reznor, 2009

Tim McIlrath, the lead singer of Rise Against, has also been someone who has changed “my type”-short, unkempt hair; tattooed, bracelets and rings; hoodie and jeans that smell like man and Converse shoes (pretty much my hubs without the tattoos and jewellery, sadly). His voice is grainy and sexy like Trent’s, and he looks like if you get too close to him, he would lecture you on the effects of global warming and red meat. My favourite quality of Tims? He has two different coloured eyes! You’ll see them at 0:10 into the video for “Ready to Fall”, and you can also listen to his sexy grainy man voice!


Number 5: Jemaine Clement. This happens to be a prime example of one of the people I go “AAH! I LOVE HIM!” to. You may know Jemaine as 1/2 of the comedy duo “Flight of the Conchords”, and if you’ve never seen or heard of this show, go Netflix it. Like, right now. I tell my husband all the time I want Jemaine’s kiwi babies (he’s from New Zealand, just in case the “kiwi” reference was lost on you). His pseudo-straight man shtick is spot on, and even though at first glance he may look awkward, something about him just does it for me. Watch the video and see for yourself.

That mouth! Those glasses! AAH! I LOVE HIM!!!


Number 4: My friends. A couple of my friends popped in my head when I was compiling this list, because their beauty is just striking. Ya for example. When I met her she was this dulce de leche beauty with crazy Diana Ross hair that I thought was WAY too pretty to ever consider having me as her friend. Imagine my surprise when, after getting to know her, I realized her beauty was even bigger on the inside then outside. She is seriously the exception to the rule.

Al was just born pretty. Her siblings all have the beautiful gene-blond hair, green eyes, and, let’s just say “model” teeth (inside joke). I always wished I would look like her as a teenager. She was one of those bitches that could wear no make-up, put on a ratty pair of jeans and a stinky top and still be admired from all the boys (not saying she actually DID that, but she could!). As we became BFF’s I was able to see even more qualities I strived for: ambition, determination, intelligence and independence. She now has an eight year old daughter who amazingly could be even more beautiful then Al-in the nicest way I say that! I’m waiting for all of her adult teeth to grow in if she has the trademark smile, since she already possesses the blond hair and green eyes!

Even her stinkin’ EYEBALL is pretty. Come on!

He’ll deny this and think that I put him on this list because I owe him money or something, but I have to add Windsor as well. When I first met him I was taken with his looks-he looked like a cross between my son’s father and Chris O’Donnell. He had green eyes, thick eyebrows, pouty lips and this amazing Romanesque nose (I’m into noses). For a million reasons we were not each other’s type, but in him I gained a friend who wasn’t pretentious, was sensitive, and has the best genuine laugh you’ll ever hear.


Number 3: Angelina Jolie. I don’t give a flying poo if you think she is a man-stealer or whatever, Angie is my hero! I have been crazy about her since the “Hackers” days, and always thought she was a bad ass for speaking her mind. My second tattoo was of the same dragon she had on her arm (long gone on her now since the days of “Billy Bob”).

As she grew, she became much more than a pretty face. She became a good will ambassador for UNICEF and went around the world highlighting social and political injustices. And she seems to have actually gotten more beautiful with age (if it’s even possible for her to get more beautiful). And my mom and my husband know that I would gladly “play for the other team” in her case!


Number 2: Jared Leto. Jared Leto can do no wrong. Can.Do.No.Wrong! When I look at him, my eyes literally hurt at the gorgeousness. I first saw him as Jordan Catalano on “My So-Called Life”, and was immediately smitten. A fine looking grungy teenager? Sign me up!


I followed him in movies like “Fight Club”, “Requiem for a Dream”, and “American Psycho”, and now I melt when I hear him singing in one of my favourite bands “30 Seconds to Mars”. I mean, honestly, can YOU find something wrong with this face? Huh? Can you!!!

Or, on that note…body?

Okay…I need a moment. Too much hotness making me weak in the knees…


Number 1: My son, niece and nephews. Yes, I’m totally biased. When my son T was born he was the cutest thing on the planet. I knew he was going to be a cute baby because his father was the most adorable baby I had ever seen (and I had hair so curly my mom couldn’t put a comb through it). He was bald from birth to about 18 months, so when his hair came in it was a sandy blond and curls started to show up. Plus, he always had this happy, mischievous grin where you know he was going to get in trouble but was so cute you couldn’t fully be mad at him for anything. He had that kind of hair until about eight years old, when this picture was taken. Now it’s boy hair, brown and thick and usually shaved. Oh, how I miss those curls!

My nephew J was born eight months after T and he looked like no one else in our family: Super white straight hair and these giant clear blue eyes. His face, though, looked just like my brother. At eleven he is only now starting to get darker blond hair. But I guarantee you he is going to be a massive heartbreaker in high school.

His little brother C was born three years later, and was a perfect mix of his mom and dad. He’ll be eight at the end of the year, and he has the sweetest demeanour of all the kids in our family. I’m pretty sure he is going to grow up to be the quintessential “tall, dark and handsome” man!

I think G has to take the cake though. G is my three year old niece from my sister, and I love this girl. She’s the first girl in our family after 21 years, so she is definitely spoiled by each and every one of us. She is a free spirit. She is forever smiling and happy and  always bubbling with energy. I miss my son, niece and nephews like crazy, but I’m secure in the knowledge that they are doing great.

So that’s my list. Who are your most beautiful and why? Also feel free to drop me a line at if you have any suggestions for an upcoming “Sunday Shout-Out”!


  1. Hugh Jackman. *sigh... enough said :)

  2. Jared Leto and Jackson Rathbone!!

  3. Your son is so cute loving those curls.

    Edward Cullen fan here also, however more of a team Jacob..

    I'm with you on Angelina Jolie, amazing lady

    In my top 10 would also be:

    Adrian Grenier - those eyes
    Leonardo DiCaprio - good stuff he is doing with environmental issues, as well as the looks
    Brad Pitt - Angela and Brad = just hot.

  4. My Top Men are as follows- Have google images at the ready...

    10) Johnny Wilkinson- Englishman who prized the Rugby World Cup from Australia in 2003- ask J!

    9) Ron Livingston aka "Berger" in Sex and the City.

    8) Sean Bean- Rough and ready Yorkshireman.

    7) Mike Rosenburg- singer of British acoustic band "Passenger" he's gorgeous, has an outstanding voice and writes some of the most beautiful songs I've ever come across.

    6) This is going to sound weird but I have a soft spot for Tom Scavo from Desperate Housewives.

    5) Robert Webb aka Jez from 'Peep Show'

    4) Colin Firth- aka Mr. Darcy in P&P and Bridget Jones.

    3) John Slattery - aka Roger Stirling

    2) Vincent Kartheiser- aka Peter Campbell.

    1) John Hamm... oh yes- give me Don Draper anyday.

  5. Now I am a bit older and I don't watch much of the shows that are listed here. We are more of a documentary, news and movie household. So my list of men may be a bit older or maybe unheard of for some of you.

    Al Pacino
    Robert DeNiro
    Sean Connery (about 20 yrs ago)
    Roger Moore
    Don Henley
    Jon Bonjovi
    Matthew McConaughey
    Robert Redford
    Denzel Washington
    Mike Rowe (Dirty Jobs)
    Bruce Springsteen

    Good post Hed. Hope the migraine goes away.

  6. I love this list hed. It is all conclusive and the friends and family part rocks! Your son is squeeeeeee adorable. [okay, okay that was my one girlie moment today. ahem]

    Your asides to your husband through this whole thing were cracking me up [especially the Mariah Carey one. Tell him I agree. Really J? Don't see it.] heehee

    Thanks for the big smiles today. Very welcome!

  7. Yummy to McSteamy and Jasper. :)

  8. Oh yes, Sean Bean please. Hugh Jackman would do too. ;)

  9. My friend says she's going to cut me because I didn't give "at least an honourable mention" to JOHNNY DEPP. So there :) I also forgot to add Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester-Chuck and Blair from Gossip Girl. I love them, and they are both equally sexy! Ooh, and David Beckham. Becks!!!

    Mynx-Mmmmmm, Wolverine!!!

    Erica-Brad Pitt in Fight Club. Holy crap. Although I've never been on the Leo bandwagon, he always looked a little *too* babyface!

    FF-I actually DID Google all your guys! Johnny Wilkinson looks a lot like Michael Vartan from "Alias"! Ron Livingston? Really? Hmmm...not my type. Sean Bean is a manly man, that's fo sho! Mike Rosenberg-I just want to pinch his cute cheeks! He's cute, but not sexy to me! Okay, ALL the guys in Desperate Housewives I have a soft spot for as well! Robert Webb-too babyfaced for me! And Jon Hamm....rawr!

    Barb! I can't look at older men without thinking they are the same age as my dad, is that terrible? Although Sean Connery will always be handsome!

    Skippy-yeah, isn't he the cutest? Hee hee :)