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November 01, 2010

Is it November already?

First of all, I have to do a little self-promotion and pat myself on the back for my newest blog overhaul. Six gruelling, frustrating hours of making sure that everything looks perfect (to me), and I still feel like the internal stuff needs a little tweaking (like the comments format, sharing, crap like that). But all in all, I’m happy with the results!

This is a mini-post today because I promised my husband he could have the computer for a little while today. We left our two desktops in the States and I bought a (pink) Dell laptop and transferred all my crap onto it, and now we kind of fight over it. Before the last few days, I was using it at night while he was at work and he was using it in the morning while I was asleep. Now I’m up at 7am (more on why here) and ready to start my day! I also owe Erica over at Recycled Fashion the “Colour my Week” blog, which I promise to do tomorrow. Or Wednesday!

November in Queensland is spring. I’m so thrown off because this is the beginning of my favourite time of the year back home. I’m from Southern California, so the seasons aren’t too drastic, but it almost always gets cold and rainy on Halloween. It’s almost like Mother Nature signalling that its time for gingerbread lattes at Starbucks and taking the extra blankets out of the closet. Heat sucks. Seriously. I’m whiter than a sheet, and tend to get heatstroke easily. And I live in the tropics. What the hell did I get myself into? If it were up to me, we’d be living in the awesomeness that is Melbourne, although I heard the inside joke there is “if you don’t like the weather in Melbourne, wait two hours”. I would give anything to be home right now for some homemade chicken and dumplings, roast beef on a rotisserie, and the gluttonous holiday that is Thanksgiving. I don’t know how I’m going to cope without my friends and family for the holiday season, but I guess its time to make my own families’ traditions, like…barbequing on the beach on Christmas? What the hell?

I regret to say yesterday on Halloween I slacked and didn’t carve our pumpkin. We did however watch “Halloween” 1 and 2, and it still scares the crap out of me! I end this blog on a post today from the The Bitchy Waiter. He pretty much summed up how I feel about Halloween and the wonderful memories associated with it:

“Happy Halloween. Pretend that it is in the days before assholes put razor blades in apples and cyanide in Pixy Stix. Be a kid today. Remember how much fun it was to compare your bag of candy to your brothers' and know that you had more? And then you'd pour it all out onto the floor and divide it into piles to decide what you were willing to trade and what you were going to eat right away. And then a few weeks later you finally get to those candies that were the least favorites: those taffy kinda things wrapped in orange or black paper that you know they bought at the K-Mart. It was a sad day when those were the only candies you had left because it meant you already eaten the Smarties and the Bit o Honeys and the mini Snickers. All that was left was taffy. But you ate it it, because lame candy was better than no candy. After you ate that last piece of candy, you looked at the calendar and realized that the next Halloween was so far away. But you started to think about what you're gonna be anyway. Halloween lets us all flash back to that time in our lives when the only thing that mattered was having fun. Try to do that today. Have fun. And when you see the kids on the street, try to go back to when you were that age and remember the joy that this day gave you.”


  1. I didn't really do much this Halloween this year but I will get into the good details tomorrow starting NaNoWriMo.

    Yeah I don't know what I'd do without my green Dell Jelly Bean. I hate that I was without it for a few days because the hard drive crashed. If you perused through previous blogs you can go through my ordeal.

  2. Ooo well done with your new layout!! It looks great. Halloween isnt really as big in Australia as it is in the US is it.. it must make you homesick. BBQ on the beach at Xmas.. I still can't get used to that either.

  3. Nice header! :) Totally agree with you on the Melbourne weather although it actually tends to work like this: FF @ work= beautiful, cloudless sky, pleasant breeze, warm weather; FF not @ work= rain, cold, windy; FF wearing floaty vintage dress and wash day undies= gale force wind!

    FF xo

  4. Blog looks amazing. Christmas will be fine. It isnt the weather it is the people you share it with. Discover Prawns, cold beer and Pavlova. Still have your ham and turkey. Have an amazing Mango salad I can send you if you want. And if you want to come south, miss Melbourne and head my way. We have better weather and fabulous wines. :)

  5. Hed...Nice job on the blog. You are just too cute.

    On Thanksgiving Day, make a turkey or even a chicken. Make your own Thanksgiving with hub and his family. You don't have to give up your special traditions. Same with Christmas. Add a little of your own to it. I read Bitchy Waiters blog yesterday and thought it was great. Nice of you to post that. Now go share your pc with hubby. No hogging it! hahaha. Hugs

  6. Nice work! It is SO hard to mess with your layout and I am constantly convincing myself that I can just change it one more time. This one will be easier...

    Yours looks great! Worth the effort for sure.

    Also, no worries. You can still carve pumpkins. Just take your neighbor's. They're done with it now. That is, if you have any other ex-pat neighbors who are holding on to their American traditions.

    Thanks for the sweet comment on Saturday. You guys made my day happier for sure. :)

  7. Adorkable-(PS I don't know how to make you a cute nickname! I'm always tempter to write "dork" or "ditz" ha ha)I read about the NaNoWriMo and was really tempted to participate, but I am def. doing it next year!

    Erica-I think everyone should spend a month in another hemisphere at least once in their lives! It makes your head go wacky...

    FF-I would still choose a windy, knickers-flying-around day then a hot humid day in the tropics. UGH!

    Mynx-I heard SA is wine country...I make take you up on that...

    Barb-We bought a massive turkey leg that we're going to roast, and I think we are going to do the mashed potatoes/ham route. I'll bake an apple pie!

    FF (hey I have two "FF"s today!)-I have yet to see a pumpkin around town! Carved or sitting around, that is. I was amazed at what you've been through-your blog is amazing to read, even with my inherent fear of flying!

  8. I love the new look!!

    Great post!

  9. Love the new look!