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November 20, 2010

Jumping ship….come with me!

I hope you have all gotten a chance to read my last post, or else you may be wondering why I am closing this blog down, probably at the end of December. It’s because I am going home. December 10. 20 days from today. I’m excited and happy and joyful-except when I look at my hubs. Then I cry. A lot. I had to take a Xanax last night just to try and get some sleep-at that ended up being at 8am. Great. Broken schedule again.

J and I are fine. No, really! He NEEDS to be here right now. He is doing great at his job and resumed his coursework a few weeks ago and needs to finally finish that up. It’s for Networking, so I know (hope) that he can use his experience and education in California to get a nerd (uh, I mean tech) job somewhere. Now that I am not anchored to a manager job, we can move wherever the jobs take us as well. Being an hour or whatever away from my family doesn’t sound so horrible anymore.

I NEED to be home. I really don’t like that my mom is alone (okay technically not alone, but my brother and sister have families, and my stepdad is working his ass off to provide for my mom’s ever increasing medical bills and co-pays). She’s not using her car, so I can drive her to appointments in the am and work in the afternoon/pm. I’m gonna just scour every retail/food/service place in a 30 mile radius and apply for whatever I can get. I need to. I need to for my husband. For myself. For our future.

When we came over it was hella cheaper to get a round trip ticket (its so stupid that it’s less expensive than a one way), so I pushed our return all the way to May 28. I was able to bump mine up, but J’s is still there, so we will be seeing each other again then. 6 months. We’ve done 3 months, 4 months, and 2 months apart, so 6 will definitely be the longest we’ve been apart. I promise this week on my new blog to post how I met J.

Oh, my new blog! So yes, I wrote my bipolar one for my moods/emotions, and hed down under for my experience here. Last week you guys unanimously suggested I merge them, and instead I just made a new one…all hed, all the time. No sad blog. No travel blog. Just a me blog. I’m hoping that every single one of my lovely readers will go follow my new blog-the only thing after this post will be weekly posts telling everyone to get their booty over to my new blog! It’s a play on words. I’m clever.


  1. Six months is a long time to be apart, I know this cause hubby was on tour in Afghanistan for 7 months. Take this as time to get to know yourself, work out demons that you think you have (even though we know you're wonderful) and also, know that he (J) is safe.

    ps. I'm now on facebook, click the link on my blog

  2. Hed...CBG is so right. Use the time for yourself in a positive way. I give you a lot of credit. I don't know if I could do what you are. Be proud and you are so brave. As you know I'm already following your new blog. Hugs

  3. I hope for the best for you two, you must be really strong to be away from each other that long.