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November 16, 2010

YouTube Tuesday.

Oh, thank Jeebus it’s YouTube Tuesday. I’ve been in bed all day suffering from a migraine/withdrawal side effects. I’m okay. I just have this wicked knot in the back of my skull/neck that is getting so bad it spasms now. I told J I think I finally need to see the doc for it since muscle relaxers and ice seem to not work anymore.

I have all these ideas for videos to post, but last weekend the 4 Nations Rugby Cup was on featuring the Australia Kangaroos (oi!) and the New Zealand Kiwis, so you know my family was glued to the TV, watching the two teams battle it out (NZ won-boo!). I’ve posted before about how CRAZY Australians are for their sport and how bad ass Rugby is, but nothing epitomizes the bad-assness of Rugby like the Haka. The Haka is a traditional dance from the Maori people of New Zealand, and all of the national NZ rugby (and other sports) teams perform the Haka before any international match. Like I said it’s pretty bad ass, and I never knew about it until I came to Australia and saw it being performed. I found this YouTube video, and there just ain’t nothin’ wrong with a bunch of manly men (and one freaking hot shirtless one!) dancing, shouting, and generally trying to intimidate the hell out of another team! Enjoy!



  1. That's the best video of the Haka I've seen so far. Good find! Shit's awesome.


  2. LOL The accents are amusing. Well to a typical American like me.

    I feel like I just went back to Hawaii.

  3. Pretty lady, when you feel btter and I hope that is soon, pop over to my blog, I have a surprise for you:)

  4. Sorry love, I'll forgive you this one time, but as a NZ sports fanatic, please do not refer to League as "rugby". Please! It doesn't deserve the calibre such a title suggests!

    League is simply a spinoff from Rugby Union (which is, of course, the game of the Gods) for those too weak and unskilled to actually play the real thing.

    Rugby = Union League = League

    Don't let the Australian's confuse you, none of them seem to know the history of Rugby for some reason - it absolutely baffles me.

  5. Dani-Ack! I'm sorry, I always get confused as well...didn't you read my blog about sport and the 18 variations of rugby/footy here lol? My bad :)

  6. Gotta love the Haka :)There are several reasons as to why the Haka is performed but for the purposes of sports it does come across as intimidating the other is more so put out as a challenge :)