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November 08, 2010

YouTube Tuesday…on Monday.

My “Sunday migraine” has carried over so badly today that I’ve named it “Massive Migraine Monday”. I’ve taken four muscle relaxers (the doc has seen that when I sometimes get migraines its in my neck muscles), three migraine pills and one cold and sinus pill over the last two days and it’s still stabbing me in the temple. Nothing is working, but I made a commitment this month for NaBloPoMo so I will post a blog today…even if I am just phoning it in, folks.

I’d like to give respect to my seven (!!!) new followers this week, making my blog have a follower base of 30 on Blogspot and 33 on Facebook…woo hoo! Also I’ve gone over 4.5k viewers taking a gander at my blog so far. The 26th is my 3 month blog anniversary, so I’ll make a baby goal of 40 followers and 5k page views. If you have any readers or friends that may enjoy the crap I talk about, please lead them over this way. I’ll do the same, and all will be right with the world. Except this stupid migraine!

Tomorrow’s “YouTube Tuesday” was going to be a cover of Kid Cudi’s “Pursuit of Happiness” by the singer Lissie. She is an American folk rock artist, and her voice is one of the best I’ve heard in a long time. She’s younger than me but sounds like she grew up on cigarettes and whiskey. It’s also the song I sent to Erica over at Recycled Fashion on our postcard exchange (you owe me a new song!). Quick disclaimer-it does have the “F” word in it, and as I am totally and completely fine with this word (and I probably use it more than “please” and “Thank you”), I know some may be listening with kids around or whatever. P.S. Got a song that you’re in love with at the moment? Send me a link-I LOVE adding songs and new artists to my Ipod! Enjoy.


  1. I got your postcard today - thank you!! I havent listened to the song yet, but I will, and am now thinking of one back to you. PS. I love Galah's!

  2. Sorry you're still suffering with migraine. They do suck. Believe it or not what works for me and it's the only thing is Excedrin Migraine. Tried all the prescription meds and ice, heat and all that crap but give me those Excedrins and it relieves it. If I take them at the first twinge, I can beat it. If it's full blown like yours they do help relieve it. Hope you feel better soon sweetie. Hugs.

  3. Sorry about the on going headache. It makes it so difficult to function, but I am glad to see you are up and about. Hopefully by now it will be gone.

    I love what you said about the word - made me laugh about the "I say it more than Please and Thank you"...I get that. heehee

  4. Feel better soon Pretty lady. :)

  5. THAT IS AMAZING. Not your migraine. The song. I actually have the Kid Cudi version as my ring tone and OMG that cover is just incredible! I'm going to repost on my blog and give you a shout out! Hopefully some followers on their way!

  6. :) New follower!

    Digging the you tube choice!


    There's no turning back,
    Stop those tears in their tracks,
    Cause there's no turning back.

  8. Erica-yay! Glad you got it!

    Barb-Excedrin migraine is always my "top up" medicine, like when my migraine is starting to fade I use that to kill it fully. Ice packs on my neck help me as well.

    Jumble-isn't it great!!!

    Brittany-Welcome! and yay!

    Anonymous-I checked out Sarah Blasko, she has an amazing voice...I may have new Ipod music incoming, thanks!